Amana-Goodman 0131F00022SP Motor

Oct 31, 2017

Experience Unmatched Performance with the Amana-Goodman 0131F00022SP Motor

At Metate Industrial Supply, we take pride in offering top-of-the-line motors for various industrial applications. Among our extensive range of products, the Amana-Goodman 0131F00022SP Motor stands out as a reliable and efficient choice. Whether you're looking to replace an existing motor or need an upgrade, this motor is a perfect fit for your needs.

Quality and Reliability

When it comes to industrial motors, quality and reliability are paramount. The Amana-Goodman 0131F00022SP Motor excels in both these aspects, ensuring smooth and consistent performance in demanding environments. Manufactured using high-quality materials and advanced technology, this motor has been built to withstand the rigors of industrial operations.

Efficiency and Energy Savings

In today's business landscape, energy efficiency is crucial for minimizing costs and reducing environmental impact. The Amana-Goodman 0131F00022SP Motor is designed with efficiency in mind, offering optimal performance while consuming minimal energy. By investing in this motor, you can enjoy significant energy savings without compromising on performance.

Versatile Applications

With its versatile design, the Amana-Goodman 0131F00022SP Motor can be used in a wide range of applications. From HVAC systems to industrial machinery, this motor is suitable for various industrial settings. Its adaptability ensures that you can rely on this motor for multiple purposes, making it a cost-effective and versatile solution.

Key Features

  • High Performance: The Amana-Goodman 0131F00022SP Motor delivers exceptional performance, meeting the demanding requirements of industrial applications.
  • Durable Construction: Constructed with durable materials, this motor ensures longevity and reliability even in harsh operating conditions.
  • Efficient Cooling: The motor is designed with efficient cooling mechanisms, preventing overheating and extending its lifespan.
  • Easy Installation: The motor comes with user-friendly installation instructions, allowing for a hassle-free setup process.
  • Quiet Operation: Despite its power, the Amana-Goodman 0131F00022SP Motor operates quietly, minimizing noise disruptions in the workplace.


The Amana-Goodman 0131F00022SP Motor boasts impressive specifications:

  • Power: 1/3 Horsepower
  • Voltage: 115 volts
  • RPM: 1075
  • Speeds: 3
  • Phase: Single

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Don't settle for subpar motors when you can invest in the Amana-Goodman 0131F00022SP Motor from Metate Industrial Supply. Browse our selection today and experience the difference in performance and reliability.

Pavel Shchukin
Wow, I never thought a motor could exceed expectations, but this one definitely did! 💪 Highly recommend the Amana-Goodman 0131F00022SP Motor for its power and reliability. A game-changer for any industrial application. 👌
Nov 12, 2023
Jerome Yip
This motor exceeded my expectations! 💯 Highly recommend for anyone in need of a powerful and reliable industrial motor.
Nov 8, 2023
Ron Maize
Amazing motor! 👌
Oct 13, 2023