Littelfuse FLNR 40 FLNR040 Fuse

Apr 1, 2020


Welcome to Metate Industrial Supply, your trusted source for industrial products and components. This page features the Littelfuse FLNR 40 FLNR040 Fuse, a top-of-the-line safety fuse designed for use in various applications. With our high-quality fuses, you can ensure the protection of your electrical systems.

Product Description

The Littelfuse FLNR 40 FLNR040 Fuse is a fast-acting, current-limiting fuse that provides reliable protection against overcurrent conditions. With a voltage rating of 250V AC and a current rating of 40 amps, this fuse is suitable for a wide range of industrial applications. It is designed to safely interrupt fault currents up to its interrupting rating, ensuring the safety of your equipment and personnel.


  • Fast-acting and current-limiting design
  • Voltage rating: 250V AC
  • Current rating: 40 amps
  • Designed for industrial applications
  • Ensures safe interruption of fault currents
  • Reliable and durable construction


The Littelfuse FLNR 40 FLNR040 Fuse is commonly used in various industrial settings, including:

  • Power distribution systems
  • Air conditioning and refrigeration units
  • Motors and motor control circuits
  • Transformers and rectifiers
  • Industrial machinery
  • And more

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David Mackey
Great safety feature!
Oct 5, 2023