Mitsubishi Electric PAR-40MAAU

Oct 2, 2018


Welcome to Metate Industrial Supply, your trusted source for high-quality industrial products. In this page, we will delve into the details of the Mitsubishi Electric PAR-40MAAU control system, a cutting-edge solution for precise temperature regulation in various industrial applications.

Key Features

  • Precision Control: The Mitsubishi Electric PAR-40MAAU offers unparalleled precision in temperature control, allowing for optimal performance and efficiency.
  • Advanced Compatibility: With its versatile design, this control system seamlessly integrates with a wide range of Mitsubishi Electric HVAC units, providing a comprehensive solution for your cooling and heating needs.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The PAR-40MAAU is equipped with a user-friendly interface that simplifies operation and programming, ensuring ease of use for operators.
  • Remote Accessibility: Gain control of your systems from anywhere with remote accessibility. Monitor and adjust settings remotely, enhancing convenience and efficiency.
  • Data Logging: The control system comes with built-in data logging capabilities, allowing you to track and analyze performance data to optimize your industrial processes.


The Mitsubishi Electric PAR-40MAAU control system is compatible with a wide range of Mitsubishi Electric HVAC units, making it a versatile choice for various industrial environments.

Industrial Applications:

Whether you require precise temperature regulation in manufacturing plants, data centers, or commercial buildings, the PAR-40MAAU is designed to meet your needs. Its flexibility ensures compatibility in a variety of industries, including:

  • Manufacturing and Warehousing
  • Food and Beverage
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Healthcare
  • Research and Development
  • Data Centers
  • Commercial Buildings

How it Works

The Mitsubishi Electric PAR-40MAAU control system utilizes advanced algorithms and sensors to regulate temperature with utmost precision. The system is designed to analyze real-time data and make adjustments accordingly, ensuring efficient and consistent performance.

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For more information about the Mitsubishi Electric PAR-40MAAU control system or to inquire about pricing and availability, please don't hesitate to contact us at Metate Industrial Supply. Our knowledgeable team is ready to assist you and provide the best solutions for your industrial needs.


With its advanced features, compatibility, and user-friendly interface, the Mitsubishi Electric PAR-40MAAU is a top-notch control system that can revolutionize temperature regulation in various industrial applications. Don't compromise on quality and efficiency - choose the PAR-40MAAU from Metate Industrial Supply today.

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